Day 87 – August 23rd – Thursday: Postscript

By: johnkugler

Aug 23 2012

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Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T3i
This was our final trip followup picture taken out at Norm’s shop….his office. We’ll let you all be the judge whether you think that we, or our bikes, look any different.

This was our original sendoff picture taken out at Norm’s shop…his office.

Well, we completed this odyssey as we had planned. It was sure great to sleep in my own bed again last night. I will admit that I was glad to wake up and not have to get back on the bike. We typically biked anywhere from 6 to 11 hours when we were on the road. We changed oil 3 times and completed the entire trip without any mechanical problems with the bikes…a pretty good testimony to the quality of Harleys these days. The best news of this trip is that we completed it with a 100% safety record as far as any serious problems.

This is the little bikers’ bell that keeps us safe on the road. It gets rid of all the Evil Road Spirits and Gremlins. They get swept up in the hollow of the bell. Their hearing is extremely sensitive and the constant ringing of the bell as you roll down the highway drives them crazy to a point that they finally just fall off the bike. There is a theory that that is where potholes come from.

We had no accidents; no animal collisions; no tickets; no major close calls; no injuries, no illnesses and we’re home safe and sound. We biked through 1 Canadian Territory, 2 Canadian Provinces and 12 states. Our final bike trip mileage was 12,610 miles. Our miles with the Alaskan Ferry system was 4,567 and our final total trip mileage was 17,177 miles. It really was a trip of a lifetime and it certainly was an odyssey. Norm was asked what he thought was the best part of the trip was. He thought that not throwing up on our round trip out to Dutch Harbor was the greatest part of the trip. He had been a little concerned about that part of the trip because of is history of ‘sea worthiness’. We just had one night of 15-17 foot seas and the rest of that 7 day trip out to Dutch Harbor was smoothe sailing. There were really so many great things that we saw and did over these last 3 months, that I really think it is going to take some time to let it all sink in to really comprehend all that we have seen and done. What a wonderful experience and how wonderful to be back with our families. I’ll work on the video things this fall out in Steamboat and sometime later this fall will figure out how to attach the video features to this blog….so, don’t give up on us and think that this is the final post. Thank you all for joining us. I hope you’ve all had as much fun as we have had.


6 comments on “Day 87 – August 23rd – Thursday: Postscript”

  1. Blessings on your safe return but I’m really going to miss your blogs. I’ve really enjoyed your vacation …. pictures and comments. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to this fall. Nancy & Jim Claude

  2. Welcome back… are the envy of many people who would love to do this trip, including Joe and I!

    Joe and Marilyn Evans

    • I’m glad to know that you guys enjoyed it. It was fun doing it. It kept me oriented at times just to know the day of the week and the date. The poor wi-fi in a lot of areas sometimes made it a little bit of a frustration, but it was people like you that I knew were counting on the updates and enjoying them that kept me on tract. There were several times that I was up until 2am just trying to get things done. Some of the uploads were so slow that I just started them and then went to bed and finished things in the morning. There were a number of times that things simply locked up and I would have to start things over again. It was definitely a learning curve. Can’t wait to see some of the video when I get out to Colorado and work with my guy at the Mac Ranch. I’ll get those out sometime later this fall. Thanks for all your nice comments over the last 3 months. John

  3. I have really enjoyed your blogs and will miss them and miss you as my Dr. Evelyn Schleeter

  4. I too will miss your stories and pictures,also miss you being my Dr. Are you thinking of writing a book about your trip? Or holding a travelogue? Thanks for everything. Lucille Lambert

  5. Dr. Kuglar I would like to thank you for letting so many people go on the trip to Alaska with you. It was like we were really there. I always wanted to see Alaska but now I’m too old to take a trip like that so now I feel like I’ve been there. An old cancer patient who is doing real well. Doolores Behnke.

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