Day 83 – August 19th – Sunday: Yellowstone Park and the Grand Teton Park

By: johnkugler

Aug 20 2012

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T3i
None of these pictures do these peaks justice. This is the only one which presents them as a group. There are 5 major peaks here, actually a few more, but for primary identification, the 5 major peaks going from right to left are: the Grand Teton, Mount St. John, Mount Woodring, Mount Moran, and Bivouac Peak.

This was a rather unusual day. The sun was out in its full glory. You just couldn’t see it. We had full sunshine the entire day. You just couldn’t see it because of all the haze that was a result of all the smoke in the air from the forrest fires in the west coming from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and northern Nevada. It did keep the temperatures down, but it really screwed up things as far as the photography. So, I apologize about the quality of the photography today. It really doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this area. The beauty was still there. It just doesn’t show up in the photos.
We biked quietly through Yellowstone Park. What a great place…no matter how many times that you’ve seen it. The only wildlife that we saw were 2 buffalo. Headed into the Grand Tetons. These are truly what you mean when you say “majestic”…even in the haze. They are just very different from the rest of the Rockies. Stopped at a number of places to take pics, just to see if I could get one or two pictures that did these peaks justice. Biked back into Lake Jenny at the foot of ‘The Grand Teton’.

Looking at the Grand Teton at an overlook over Lake Jenny.

It is such a tranquil place. It is something that I still have a little recollection of from when my parents took my sister and I out to Yellowstone and the Tetons when we were little kids. Hope my sister, Karen, remembers this place. Headed out of the park and down to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This place has changed so much from the little western town that it was back in the 50’s when my parents took us out there. At that time it was just a little one horse town. It had a one chair chairlift that would take you up the mountain next to the town for a beautiful vista. There was one intersection in town that, in the evening, did a western drama in the square that included an ‘old west’ shootout. Now the place is major tourist with casinos all over the place, high end restaurants and hotels and goes on for several miles. How times change. Biked out of town and headed southeast on Highway 191 down to Rock Springs, Wyoming, which is right on I-80. Except for about 20 miles right around Jackson, the entire trip was complete haze. By the time we got to Rock Springs, my eyes were actually burning from all the smoke in the air. It’s all interstate the rest of the way. Take I-80 all the way to the Quad Cities and turn right onto I-74.


One comment on “Day 83 – August 19th – Sunday: Yellowstone Park and the Grand Teton Park”

  1. Johh, my hubby & I are long distance riders from Bloomington, IL & we have really enjoyed following your journey over the past 83 days! With one exception: we hate it when you jump on the interstates! If you look hard enough even Kansas has some great riding on the 2-lanes. Hubby desperately wants you to come home via US 36 & savor the last of your great ride properly—he says you don’t have to go all the way to Alaska to meet interesting people if you stick with the small roads & the small towns!

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